Reasons why seeing The Aristocrats in Hanoi is a must!

    This March, The Aristocrats will perform in Hanoi as the final show of their 10 week run “The Defrost Tour” – the tour that marks their “come back” from almost 2 years of lockdown due to the pandemic. This will also be their first time return to Vietnam after almost a decade, with years of experience and tons of new materials and even never-heard-before unreleased song that performs exclusively only for live shows.

    So if you still wondering should you spend a small amount of money for the ticket for this once-in-a-decade occasion (which you would probably buy a single vinyl LP or a meal at a nice restaurant), let us give you a few reasons to help you decide more easily!

    They are The Aristocrats!

    Seems pretty obvious, right? In case you didn’t know yet, the instrumental power trio consists of Guthrie GovanBryan Beller, and Marco Minnemann, considered one of the greatest musical acts on the planet.

    Guthrie Govan began playing guitar aged three, and currently the top-tier virtuoso of guitarists all-over-the-world. Besides his wonderful solo career and main band The Aristocrats, he had worked with some of the biggest names such as Hans Zimmer, Nick Johnston, Periphery, Steve Wilson and more! To be short, the legendary composer Hans Zimmer called Guthrie Govan “A master of his craft!”.

    If the fact that the man behind the drums Marco Minnemann himself released over a dozen solo albums as a drummer doesn’t make your jaw drop yet, did you know that he performed in over 100 studio albums with dozens of artists and groups? From Joe Satriani to Necrophagist, from The Mute Gods to Kreator, from Freaky Fukin Weirdoz to Steve Wilson and many more. He even recorded a 51-minute live drum solo as the basis for his Normalizer Two Project!

    Bryan Beller! The man behind the low frequencies of all your favorite artists and tours! Zappa, Joe Satriani, Mike Keneally, Steve Vai, Dream Theater (2008) , G3, Unstoppable Momentum… and even go straight into the toon world with Dethklok in Metalocalypse. In January 2011, Beller played a gig at The Anaheim Bass Bash with Marco Minnemann on drums and Guthrie Govan on guitar (who was filling in for Greg Howe, a late replacement due to a schedule conflict). This was the first show of the band that would become The Aristocrats less than a year later, and that’s sounds exactly like how all the greatest heroes met each others in fairy tales, then they conquer the world together (with music, in this case).

    It’s the first time after 8 long, long years that The Aristocrats came back to Vietnam, with tons of new music and surprises and thousand hours of practice experience. It’s not that common we can see a big act like this in Vietnam, loaded with freshly unreleased material, which turned this into an opportunity you would not want to miss!

    The Aristocrats in studio this January! Promising tons of new material!

    Pay like small venue, play in a theatre!

    Not to brag but Vietnam National Academy of Music (VNAM) is Vietnam’s premier music training, research and performance institute. The Academy also functions as an important music performance centre, staging numerous concerts throughout the year in the Hanoi Conservatory of Music Concert Hall. It also participates in many exchange programmes with overseas conservatories, sending its musical ensembles abroad to perform and teach and in turn hosting performance and teaching visits by many internationally acclaimed orchestras and soloists.

    As we prepared for hosting The Aristocrats in Vietnam, we got a chance to take a look at the ticket price in other countries of Asia. For the price to see they perform in a normal venue in other countries (which mostly not specalized for acts like The Aristocrats), you can experience a whole new level of sound and atmosphere with the professional equipments and acoustic treatment of VNAM here in Vietnam!

    Hanoi! The capital of Vietnam!

    The go-to-destination when visiting Asia, the capital of Vietnam! Hanoi is considered the cultural capital of Vietnam, and for a good reason! This city is one of the most ancient cities in the world! Over the centuries, the city was influenced by many European and Asian cultures, which influenced the city’s architecture.

    Hanoi is known to offer tourists tastes of traditional Vietnamese fare, from the fragrant bánh cuốn (or steamed rice rolls) to the world-renowned heartiness of pho. Neighborhoods like the Old Quarter are also popular destinations to sample some local street food. Hanoi is also home to an extensive transportation network, from ride-sharing apps to scenic train lines that stop at major Vietnamese cities.

    And you know what? Travelers will love Hanoi because it’s a budget-friendly travel destination, partly due to the city’s low cost of living. Hanoi is the city where you can go ape-mode-party without worrying you gonna bust your bank.

    So with all these reasons, if you have made your decision, you can buy the ticket to The Aristocrats (The Defrost Tour): Live in Vietnam by scanning the QR on this poster or clicking HERE.

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