“Cutting Kentamine” with Cut Lon

    Under the burning sun of early summer, everyday, I survive through 20 km journey to go to work with a secret weapon: The debut album with a weird title – “Cutting Kentamine” (Xao Ke) of a band with an evenly wacky name…CUT LON (Capitalized)

    The band always appears in their signature Pikachu costumes which resemble their style and could not be described more accurately than quick like lightning and strong as electricity. Whenever I listen to their music, there will be summer-vibe aroused inside that recalls me of strolling down the streets in leisurewear with the boys.

    What a lucky! On a blazing hot Saturday, like a sweating bullet, I got a chance to chit chat with Mr. “Sọt” – the band’s guitarist.

    Whammy Bar: Imagine being asked to classify CUT LON’s music by someone who have never listened to CUT LON before, or some curious relatives in Lunar New Year Holiday, what will you respond?
    Sọt: Technically, we play Thrash Metal crossover with Hardcore Punk. But normally, people or companions tenderly describe our music as Vietnames Buffalo Vaginal Music.

    CUT LON’s Newest MV “EM BỊ OÁNH”

    Whammy Bar: How tender it is! (LoL) What is CUT LON’s source of inspiration?
    Sọt: For me, music has always been a journey of discovery, not only the discovery of new sounds, but also the old movements that I have not had the opportunity to experience. Some of the music movements I find quite interesting are Punk Rock, Hardcore, Grindcore or New Wave of British Heavy Metal, etc.
    When starting to practice guitar in high school, I listened to Thrash Metal like many contemporaries. Later, I expanded the genres and subgenres and found myself hooked on the raw and extreme sound which implies many positive desires of Hardcore Punk.

    In conclusion, Thrash and Hardcore Punk are two genres that affects our music the most. Through CUT LON’s music we want to convey not only the positive messages of Hardcore Punk but also the satirical style of Thrash Metal.

    Whammy Bar: By the way, I’m looking for something new to listen, can you recommend us – Whammy Bar as well as the readers 3 discs that you’ve classified as “must listen”?
    Sọt: Artists all around Asia are always a great source of inspiration for me. Let me share you guys some bands from nearby countries that I have been impressed the most recently.

    1. Cloudburst – self-titled album (Chaotic Hardcore – Indonesia)
    2. Daighila – Transitions (Emo-powerviolence – Malaysia)
    3. Reign in Slumber – S/T Demo (Blackened Crust – Cambodia)
    Cho thêm một đội khuyến mãi nè hay lắm: (Bonus one more)
    4* Choke Cocoi – Visceral Memoranda: Collected Tracks 2005​-​2017 (4 cô gái chơi Hardcore Punk – Philippines)

    CUT LON just finished their SEA tour, they even perform with Power Trip.

    Whammy Bar: Being a part of CUT LON with much experience, do you have any advices for young band out there?
    Sọt: Just play what you love and write something subliminal enough so that your drummers can play. (LoL)

    Sergey Bochenkov, CUT LON’s drummer is a familiar name with Vietnamese Underground scene.

    Whammy Bar: How about new album? How’s it going? Let’s reveal a bit for us!
    Sọt: It’s cominggg! Many cool things are waiting a ahead!

    Whammy Bar: What is your deepest “CUT LON” desire?
    Sọt: Huhmm…If I die, I want nothing more than my ash to be pressed into a vinyl which plays CUT LON music.

    Ash Vinyl ???

    Whammy Bar: Wft?! Thanks for your sharing! Hope to see you success with your upcoming projects. Let’s go home now! It’s hot as hell outside!

    If you have never tried CUT LON, have a taste !!!

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